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Leadership Guide

Calming the Cost Crisis with a Personalized Navigation Solution

As an HR benefits leader, employees and organizations rely on you to secure the right benefits mix. A more urgent and emerging need is also ensuring people can access quality healthcare with confidence and cost clarity.

In 2023, organizations face historic challenges: a competitive talent landscape, an exhausted workforce, and pressure to control costs.

To attract and retain good talent used to mean offering stellar benefits programs, but in today’s competitive environment, it is not enough. To be competitive while simultaneously reducing rising costs, a large part of HR’s success goes beyond acquiring benefits. In this new world, HR benefits leaders must ensure people have access to the affordable healthcare they need in a way that is easy to navigate for individuals and the HR professionals who administer benefits.

55% of employers currently provide decision-support tools for health navigation, with another 26% considering this. Your stakeholders and leadership team expect to see this on the short list of priorities for HR this year.

This leadership guide is designed to help you understand your choices and how they impact employee engagement, health outcomes, and cost savings. You'll learn:

  • Three key reasons why healthcare accessibility and affordability are critical to achieving your business objectives
  • The power and importance of a healthcare navigation solution
  • How to build a value case and get leadership buy-in
  • How Virgin Pulse's daily engagement solutions now extend into the care continuum, delivering value unmatched in the market for health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs across your entire population

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