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Health plan survey

Empower and Engage Members: Insights from the 2024 Survey

Personify Health, formerly Virgin Pulse, conducted a comprehensive nationwide survey to gauge the health and wellbeing of employees currently enrolled in a healthcare plan through their employer.

This study is designed to provide valuable insights for health plan and organizational leaders, enabling them to better understand employee perspectives and critical impact areas in today's rapidly evolving and challenging landscape.

In March 2024, we gathered responses from over 2,000 employees representing ten diverse industries currently enrolled in an employer-provided health care plan. Our sample included employees from organizations with a minimum of 5,000 employees.

The survey findings highlighted the significant influence of personalized health and wellbeing experiences on member health plan satisfaction and overall perceptions of health. Individuals seek support tailored to their unique health needs – because health is personal.

By offering clear insights, we empower you to develop targeted and impactful benefits strategies aligned with your clients’ and members’ everyday realities.

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