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SHSMD On-Demand Replay

Data to dollars:
How to use predictive analytics to accelerate marketing ROI 

Wouldn’t marketing be a lot easier if we just knew who was a high-value patient, ready for your services?  

It’s a simple question but quite difficult to answer without access to consumer-level data and purpose-built predictive analytics. When you know everything, you can do anything. 

In this session, we’ll share how to know exactly who to market your services to before your competition does—and see a return on your efforts! 

What you'll learn from this replay:

  • Identify moments that matter in health care marketing that result in a better patient experience
  • Demonstrate strategies to improve marketing ROI by leveraging predictive analytics
  • Show how to drive cost savings and reduce waste through more efficient use of marketing channels 
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Jaci Haack
VP, Strategic Development Health and Hospital Systems
Erica Morgenstern
Chief Marketing Officer
Brooke Ossenkop, FCXC
VP, Demand Generation