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Mental health support for every person, every day

Support employees' mental health journey with personalized, connected and simple solutions that break through barriers.

Prioritizing mental health is powerful—for both people and businesses

It’s no secret that people perform best when they feel good physically and emotionally. Imagine what your organization could achieve if every single person in it was empowered to show up as their most present, creative, and productive selves every day. That’s the power of mental health. And that’s what our solutions are built for. 


Built-in mental health & stress support - all in one place

 Personify Health bridges the mental health gap between no care and critical care with an inclusive and accessible high-tech, human touch solution. Overcoming mental health struggles and stigma starts with approachable support. Our solutions provide just that.

Something for everyone - not the same thing for everyone

With person-first, whole person coaching, concierge guidance to benefits, and communications that connect, we help employers and health plans deliver easy-to-access, first-step mental health services that people actually want to use. 

Even better: our mental health resources are served up according to each individual’s unique needs and preferences thanks to a personalized engine powered by AI, machine learning, and billions of data points. 

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Our philosophy

Less clinical, more approachable. Because health is personal.

And what’s more personal than emotional wellbeing? Everyone feels the effects of stress sometimes, yet everyone’s experience of it, and their corresponding needs, are unique. Our tools help normalize the practice of managing mental wellbeing as a critical component of overall health. We honor individual needs, address familiar feelings and behaviors, and reduce stigma around seeking help. And, we get by with a little help from our friends (coaches, peers, partners). 

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Here to help you and your people thrive

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Integrated experience
Support employees with digital content and programming, coaching, partners, and benefits. We bring everything together in one place they'll love
Simplified and personalized experience
We design experiences around what members actually need to feel engaged and empowered to own their health
Impactful outcomes for you and your people
Meet your employees where they are with one benefits solution - from every day wellbeing to mental health to clinician support

How Personify Health supports mental health

Empowering people to engage more deeply in their health

We’ve created the first and only personalized health platform that helps members feel more seen and valued. How do we know? By the numbers that keep coming back. Over 50% of members engage monthly on average, with at least 6 meaningful actions each visit. Instead of having to learn a new tool, or navigate a whole new system, they can find help for coping with anxiety or loneliness, building resilience, and much more, all in the same place they go to track exercise and their annual physical.

We don’t add to stress. We alleviate it.


Always-there digital support

Our personalized health platform provides members with actionable support and engaging tools to alleviate stress and achieve mental health goals. 

Through our multimedia evidence-based content, programming and solutions for stress, anxiety, depression, sleep, mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing, resilience, caregiving, substance abuse and condition-specific support, we cover all dimensions of wellbeing that support resilience and optimize mental health.   

Our extensive library of health education content has something for everyone. We meet every member where they are in readiness to change, empowering them to assess all areas of their health and wellbeing, focus on areas most meaningful to them, and quickly adopt new healthy routines for the greatest impact to their quality of life.    

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People need people

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Our Mental Health solution unlocks access to trained mental health coaches who hold advanced degrees in counseling, psychology, and social work and can:

  • Lend near-immediate support & help members create plans to manage stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, finances, and more
  • Increase engagement across your benefits
  • Ease the process across the care spectrum - for members needing specialized or high-acuity mental health care, our coaches work with your health plan and EAP resources

Real results: significantly more members who have three coaching calls on any topic report a reduction in stress compared to those who use the platform alone

Partner ecosystem

Integrated mental health & wellbeing partner ecosystem

Personify Health's growing ecosystem of world-class partners expands client options with industry-leading resources to address each member’s unique needs, including mental health. Our partner ecosystem simplifies the partner experience by managing all partner vetting, contracting, and invoicing to reduce administrative burdens for our clients – all while providing solutions to target today’s high-cost drivers and mental health needs. 


Ready to engage and empower people to lead healthier lives?