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Merative Cost Savings Analysis

Wellbeing that Works

In 2023, Merative Health Insights conducted an in-depth study of our wellbeing program, analyzing the behaviors of more than 61K members. Looking at year-over-year trends, the results were clear: Our wellbeing program delivers notable savings for clients and members.

The bad news?
The cost of care is rising faster than ever. 

The good news?
The study shows that those engaged in our wellbeing platform had 14% lower healthcare costs year-over-year. They are better users of the healthcare system compared to industry benchmarks.

Download our 2023 Wellbeing Health Cost Trends Report to see the full results and learn more about the savings Personify Health can deliver for you and your organization.

Merative Report Cover

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Human Resources ⋅ Employee Wellbeing ⋅ Benefits ⋅ HR and Benefits Communications ⋅ Corporate Culture ⋅ Health Outcomes ⋅ Employee Experience and Engagement ⋅ Workplace Wellness ⋅ Mental Health and Stress Reduction ⋅ Reducing Costs ⋅ Wellbeing ROI ⋅ 2024 HR Strategy ⋅ Positive Employee Behaviors