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Health System Guide

Patient acquisition and engagement playbook: 6 tips for healthcare marketers

Acquiring and engaging patients most likely to need your services with the ability to pay drives marketing ROI for your health system.

We've helped hospitals and health system achieve their patient engagement goals for the past 12 years. And now, we are sharing our top 6 tips to make your next healthcare marketing campaign the best-performing one yet.

What you'll gain from downloading the playbook:

  • Peace of mind that you can achieve (and exceed) your KPIs
  • Understand what to do to grow service lines, enter new zip codes, and fill schedules
  • Confidence to know what works and why - remove the guesswork

Need more? Here are four key takeaways you'll find in the playbook:

  1. How to leverage consumer-level data for precise patient targeting and acquisition
  2. Tips for delivering personalized messages and enhancing the patient experience
  3. Strategies for driving operational efficiency, financial growth, and improving patient satisfaction
  4. A roadmap for leveling up your approach

Download your copy!

Download this eBook if you dedicate your time in any of these areas:

Healthcare Marketing ⋅ Hospital and Health System Growth ⋅ Patient Acquisition ⋅ Health System Strategy ⋅ Patient Retention ⋅ Business Development ⋅ Patient Engagement ⋅ Marketing Growth