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Navigation & advocacy

Personalized Care Navigation

Health is personal. Now your benefits are, too.

Personify Health's benefits and healthcare navigation streamlines benefits management and improves employee satisfaction. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • Connect medical, organizational benefits and point solutions
  • Manage all your benefits in one place
  • Always-on digital platform with support from advocates and clinical care teams
Personify Health navigation and advocacy solution
What we offer

Improve employee benefits satisfaction and utilization

Benefits and care navigation so personalized it's like you created it yourself

Maximize benefits effectiveness

One entry point for every need

You can provide top-rated benefits to your employees, but when you offer them in one convenient place, you demonstrate that you care for your employees - and that makes all the difference.

Everyone has different needs and schedules. Our digital health platform uses data to recognize individual needs and surfaces benefits, point solutions, and educational resources at the right time to the right person to improve the employee experience.

We make your benefits seem like they were all made for each other. Because they are.

Empower better care decisions

Confidence to make healthy and financially wise choices

Where your employees receive care influences the price you all pay. We cut through the complexity with clarity.

Our empathetic team and user-friendly digital platform connect members with high-quality care that meets their specific needs. That's healthier decision-making - for businesses and their people.

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Clinical care

Meeting members where they are today for a better tomorrow

Clinically-led and focused on quality.

Our clinical care teams provide comprehensive care to individuals throughout their entire healthcare journey, with the aim of achieving better outcomes and real cost savings. Our empathetic team of clinicians are accountable for ensuring that patients receive high-quality treatment plans, coordination with healthcare providers, and continuity of care. Our approach focuses on health literacy, authorization, and supporting patients in making healthy changes.

Member Concierge

When the going gets tough...

We help your members keep going.

The Personify Health member concierge teams understand your plan design, company, and culture to support needs from referrals to care team, partners, and resources, to billing and appeals guidance.

Finally, a health experience that feels like a sigh of relief - for you and them.

Personify Health benefits navigation and advocacy member concierge
A blended approach

Digital guidance and human caring

Imagine a GPS for healthcare - that's what our digital guidance is like. It's smart, always updated, and ready to navigate the complexity of healthcare, so your employees can focus on living their healthiest lives.

There's no chatbot substitute for a heart-to-heart with someone who gets it. Our personal health advocates are like guardians, cheerleaders, and savvy guides rolled into one.

Personify Health navigation and advocacy solution
Personalized navigation and advocacy solutions

A solution for every need


Find out how navigation and advocacy solutions can help your organization

Our health advocates say it the best

From life-changing support to those "aha" moments of wellbeing, our health advocates shine a light on the heart of our navigation solutions.

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Jose, licensed vocational nurse case manager


" One way I go above and beyond for my members is, I try to implement the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated, or in this case, provide the care that you want to be provided with. My members have my direct number. So if they ever have questions in regards to any medical bills, medical diagnosis, assistance getting a medication covered, they can always contact me directly."

Oscar, nurse case manager


"A year later and I remember him very vividly. When he calls me for assistance with other needs, he tells me how great he’s doing. I still recall his voice. It's very nice to hear they remember you after you helped them reach those goals when they reach back out to you because they know they can trust you after, X amount of time."

Tiffany, registered nurse


"Their success is our success. I do feel like our team goes above and beyond in every aspect with our members. We always want to make sure that our members feel very comfortable, very confident."

Angelique, certified professional medical coder


"And because we're not physicians or their insurance carrier, they are more able to express themselves and build trust and genuine rapport that encourages members to continuously send us their medical billing statements even if they just want us to double check the accuracy. Our members know we are here for them and that we work just as hard to resolve their medical concerns as we would for our own family."

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