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Short on time?

Here are three takeaways from the session:

  • Members, the competition, and the industry are all changing faster than ever...
  • One-size-FAILs-all... use consumer-level personalization to activate your population to move a star, close gaps, improve med adherence  
  • Now is the time to go beyond clinical data... did you know that people in multi-unit houses are more likely to have COPD, and if they aren't married, they probably won't fill their meds? Do you have this information on your members today? And, do you know that they are most receptive to direct mail as a first touch? 


Jeff Yoshimura
Chief Product Officer
Headshot_Chris Bozic
Chris Bozic
Vice President, Health Plan & System
Brooke Ossenkop, FCXC
VP, Demand Generation