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The Wellbeing Imperative

As workforce wellbeing dips, leaders ask: What will it take to move the needle?

C-Suite and managers have no idea employees are struggling, because they are too. 

Jen, Colleen and Dr. Jay will share new research insights on the top three systemic, structural root causes that have an outsized impact on wellbeing at work: leadership behaviors at all levels, from a direct supervisor to the C-suite; how the organization and jobs are designed; and the ways of working across organizational levels. We call these “work determinants of wellbeing.”


Jen Fisher Deliotte
Jen Fisher
Chief Well-being Officer, Deloitte
Jay Bhatt Deliotte
Dr. Jay Bhatt
Executive Director, Deloitte
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 3.29.01 PM
Colleen Bordeaux
Co-Founder and Leader, Workforce Experience by Design, Deloitte Consulting LLP