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The Build vs Partner Debate Guide

What's the Verdict on Member Engagement Platforms?

The healthcare industry is no stranger to competition, and the Medicare Advantage (MA) market is no exception. With this market becoming increasingly dense, health plans are looking for ways to stand out and gain an edge.

Maybe the biggest question: How do you differentiate your health plan in a crowded market? Right here. The upcoming change in MA Star Ratings could be the perfect opportunity.

This guide will offer you:

  • An analysis of the pros/cons of building vs buying, with 6 reasons why a partnership may be the ideal approach

  • Details on how a purpose-built member platform can efficiently address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), such as income disparities, loneliness, and isolation

  • The value of the right technology, timing, and approach to member engagement to connect the disconnected

The upcoming change in MA Star Ratings could be the perfect opportunity for your health plan to stand out and gain an edge. However, plans must act fast in deciding whether to take a build vs. partner approach to investing in member platforms. This guide unveils the secrets to unlocking member engagement mastery, empowering you to lead with confidence and achieve extraordinary success.

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The easier path to ready-made engagement

While the inclination may be to build a platform internally, remember that it can drive up costs and create unexpected problems down the road. By working with a dedicated and established platform, you potentially glean benefits an internal build might not deliver.