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The Rise of Burnout and How to Tackle It

How wellbeing can help you create a resilient & healthy organization

Burnout is not just a trending hashtag or empty word used when employees are having a long week. It's a severe and real issue affecting their long-term wellbeing and ability to perform their job, impacting their health and your organization's bottom line.

Defined by the World Health Organization, as feelings of "energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one's job and reduced professional productivity in relation to chronic workplace stress." burnout is creating major challenges for employers that can't afford to be left unaddressed. 

As an HR leader, you understand the importance of overcoming the challenges of burnout and an unengaged, overwhelmed workforce. You also know that doing nothing can negatively impact your employee experience and overall retention strategy.

So where do you get started and how do you begin to transform burnout into engagement?

Download your copy of the eBook to learn more about the growing cost of burnout, what you can do about it, and, more importantly, how wellbeing can play a part in creating a resilient and healthy organization for your employees.  


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