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Prediabetes prevention program

Reverse the costly risk of prediabetes and chronic disease

Prediabetes - Transform - Person

Chronic conditions don't exist in silos - help your people reverse their diagnosis and take back their lives

Our members benefit from personalized, proactive support and evidence-based interventions to help prevent and limit the risk of serious chronic conditions. These are facilitated by a tech-powered, comprehensive care path, and experience coaching team with long-term outcomes.

Transform Prediabetes is part of a winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and create a framework for successfully using GLP-1s.


Proven clinical outcomes of our prediabetes prevention program

Personify Health's Transform Prediabetes, recognized by the CDC as a top-performing program 12 times and counting.

CDC Recognition Logo

I went for my annual physical and my doctor said I am no longer in the danger zone for diabetes!"

Transform participant, week 16

How it works

Proactive prevention support and science-backed interventions to prevent type 2 diabetes

We believe navigating health should be simpler - so we built our digital therapeutic suite to seamlessly integrate in our daily use personalized health platform. We give members all the support they need to prevent serious chronic conditions with science-led care between in-person appointments.

How we engage

Comprehensive care path designed to promote self-efficacy

Transform Core - the first 6 months

  • Core evidence-based programming to build healthy behaviors 
  • Focused, whole person guidance for diabetes prevention 
  • Multimodal coaching

Transform for Life - the next 6 months

  • Maintenance programming to reinforce lifelong healthy habits
  • Support for long-term healthy habit maintenance 
  • Multimodal coaching
Prediabetes - Transform - Person
How we lead

Human-led, tech-enabled care

One-on-one sessions with a health coach

Deep expertise and personalized support from certified coaches:

  • CDC-trained Diabetes Prevention Program Health Coaches
  • NBHWC-approved coach training
  • Whole person approach
  • Multimodal coaching
  • Convenient online scheduling
How we empower

Evidence-based, CDC-recognized curriculum and connected smart devices

Holistic lesson plans - self-paced learning modules include quizzes, action plans, and self-reflection. Topics cover all dimensions of wellbeing.

Photo-enabled food log - easy-to-use photo-enabled food log encourages better tracking and provides intrinsic motivation.

Connected smart devices

  • Digital health, wellbeing, and navigation platform - one place for daily engagement
  • Auto-synced smart scale
  • Activity tracker
transform hardware

Diabetes prevention program - validated results

Industry's top engagement and health outcomes as evidenced by various studies, internal client reviews, and recognition from CDC.

Published research on Transform Prediabetes:

Transform digital therapeutics validated results
All together now

Achievable plans for lasting outcomes

  • By design, the program encourages long-lasting changes to health behaviors
  • Achieving program goals drives better outcomes for your population
  • Delivered as part of daily use health, wellbeing, and navigation platform to maximize ongoing support

Transform has been a blessing in my life and came at just the right time. The lessons, emphasizing making small changes and setting goals, helped each week seem like I was doing something different, so I stayed energized and energized. Having my coach as a guide, mentor, educator and cheerleader has been invaluable."

Transform Prediabetes participant, 2024 

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