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Transform for weight loss

Cost-effective benefits to manage weight

Weight Loss - Transform - Person

A 12 month weight loss program to lose weight and keep it off, now with GLP-1 support

Transform Weight Management is part of a winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and create a framework for successfully using AND discontinuing GLP-1s.

GLP-1 Support: Ask about how we support every phase of the GLP-1 journey, from prior authorization, to utilization, to successful discontinuation. Participants receive a  personalized GLP-1 coaching plan and focused educational content on medication and symptom management, developed by our medication management coaches and other clinical experts.

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Get Your Weight on Track

Proven clinical outcomes

Personify Health's Transform Weight Management digital therapeutic is built on the success and proven track record of Transform Prediabetes, recognized by the CDC as a top-performing program 12 times and counting.

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The only way I can describe my experience is that it has been a miracle.  With Transform Weight Management, I'm not only losing weight, I'm learning the tools I need to continue the weight loss and lead a healthier lifestyle."

Val, Transform Program Member

How it works

Evidence-based approach helps employees lose weight and reduce medications - and make it last

We believe navigating health should be simpler - so we built our digital therapeutic suite to seamlessly integrate in our daily use personalized health platform. We give members all the support they need to prevent serious chronic conditions with science-led care between in-person appointments.

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How we engage

Comprehensive care path designed to promote self-efficacy

Transform Core - the first 6 months

  • Core evidence-based programming to build healthy behaviors 
  • Focused, whole person guidance for diabetes prevention 
  • Multimodal coaching

Transform for Life - the next 6 months

  • Maintenance programming to reinforce lifelong healthy habits
  • Support for long-term healthy habit maintenance 
  • Multimodal coaching
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How we lead

Human-led, tech-enabled care

One-on-one sessions with a health coach

Deep expertise and personalized support from certified coaches:

  • CDC-trained Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Health Coaches
  • NBHWC-approved coach training
  • Whole person approach
  • Multimodal coaching
  • Convenient online scheduling
How we empower

Evidence-based, CDC-recognized curriculum and connected smart devices

Holistic lesson plans: Self-paced learning modules include quizzes, action plans, and self-reflection. Topics cover all dimensions of wellbeing.

Photo-enabled food log: Easy-to-use photo-enabled food log encourages better tracking and provides intrinsic motivation.

Connected smart devices:

  • Digital health, wellbeing, and navigation platform - one place for daily engagement
  • Auto-synced smart scale
  • Activity tracker
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Validated results

Industry's top engagement and health outcomes as evidenced by various studies, internal client reviews, and recognition from the CDC.

Transform digital therapeutics validated results

Achievable plans for lasting outcomes

  • By design, the program encourages long-lasting changes to health behaviors
  • Achieving program goals drives better outcomes for your population
  • Delivered as part of daily use health, wellbeing, and navigation platform to maximize ongoing support
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All-in-one, but not one-size-fits-all 

From cardiometabolic to GLP-1s to mental health, we make it easy to choose the right benefits based on your population's needs. Fill out the form below to start the conversation with a condition prevention and management expert.