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Digital therapeutics for condition prevention and management

Digital therapeutics for condition and prevention management Transform

Chronic conditions don't live in a silo. Neither do our digital therapeutics.

Personify Health gives you and your members on place to manage them all, along with a every day health and wellbeing support - a whole-person experience.

In this digital therapeutics flyer, you'll learn how we support:

  • Building better benefits package that supports your diverse population's health and wellbeing needs
  • Addressing top cost and health drivers, including weight management and GLP-1 use, blood pressure, and prediabetes
  • Improved outcomes with evidence-based solutions 

What could your workforce do if people were at their healthiest?

Health is personal - and so should the plan to manage it.

Through the Personify Health personalized health platform, our digital therapeutics are more than just a program - it's part of a comprehensive health initiative - designed to work seamlessly with your existing health benefits.

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